Interview with the General Manager of Hyatt Regency Cairo West – Tarek El Masry

April 11, 2022

Tarek El Masry is a passionate leader who is active, involved, detailed and focused. Tarek was specifically
selected to be responsible for the first Hyatt-branded hotel in Cairo, managed by ALDAU Development. Hyatt
Regency Cairo West is set to open in the first quarter of 2021.

I was raised in a hospitality-oriented family, so it basically runs in my blood. I started at Starwood hotels in Sheraton Kuwait 1998, then I worked at La Résidence Des Cascades that was awarded -at the time- as one of the leading hotels in the world. After that I went to the 100+ award-winning Steigenberger ALDAU Resort, then ALDAU Development for hotels and touristic management as director of operations. Finally, I am now proud to be the general manager of the pre-opening team of the upcoming Hyatt Regency Cairo West.”

What brings you to this point in your career where you’ve decided to accept the challenge of being the
General Manager at Hyatt Regency Cairo West? Hyatt Regency Cairo West will mark the return of the
Hyatt brand to the capital of Egypt. Working with ALDAU Development for more than 14 years now, it’s a big step for
us to partner up with an international brand like Hyatt.As a General Manager, to be responsible for the opening
of our first hotel in Cairo, and the only Hyatt-branded hotel in Egypt, this fulfills my ambitions in exploring the
hospitality field in the city hotels.With the opening of the highly anticipated Grand Egyptian Museum, the Cairo West area will turn into a touristic hub, and that is where Hyatt is located, inside Pyramids Heights Business Park, very close to the Grand Egyptian Museum and the Great Pyramids of Giza.

Hyatt Regency Cairo West brings back the Hyatt brand to Cairo, what will this property add to Giza destination?
Hyatt Regency Cairo West will be the first ultra-modern property in the middle of Cairo West destination, arriving
at the same time as the opening of the long-awaited Grand Egyptian Museum, simultaneously with the pyramids’ area
revamping and the development of the entire Pyramids destination, as the Egyptian government has launched a
huge plan to entirely renovate the area in order to boost tourism traffic to 8 million tourists each year.
This gives Hyatt Regency Cairo West the edge of exclusivity and freshness that is embraced by up-to-date technology and contemporary interior designs. A hotel with our uniquely post-modern designs is a new addition to Giza destination and the company of ALDAU Development.

What is different about Hyatt Regency Cairo West that will make it become a leader in the market?
Our product development team exerted great effort in researching the market and understanding its current
struggles and opportunities to come up with a different and exclusive product concept to lead the market.
The hotel will feature -for the first time in Cairo- a 360-degree projection technology facility in one of our
large venues, we have also created a completely new room type which is the Spa room, a room that has a sauna and
Jacuzzi, which will be striking for couples and newly-weds.

We also have The Arena, a vast outdoor venue that holds up to 3,500 guests with a magical pyramids view. The lobby
will have the longest in-and-out lounge bar in Cairo.The new Hyatt Regency Cairo West holds two exceptional
restaurants. Barranco is an extravagant Nikkei cuisine restaurant that offers a complete Japanese Peruvian cultural
experience. As well as Park Food Hall restaurant that offers 11 live-cooking stations in a uniquely modern interior
What have been the challenges of COVID-19 on this project? How were you able to tackle them? The global pandemic has forced companies to shut down, reduce their number of employees, pause their projects, or work from home. But against all odds, we insisted that we continue working, carefully applying the international safety measures to secure the health of our staff, and the construction did not stop. The bright side was that we had time to provide extensive training to the carefully selected employees, so we could ensure the best guest satisfaction once opened. We were keen on opening up vacancies at a time when lots of people were let go, determined to move forward when everyone else had to stop.

What is special about the destination where Hyatt Regency Cairo West is located? Pyramids Heights Business Park has the edge of diversity, it’s a dynamic destination for a complete community. CWEST is the one and only unique complex that offers office spaces, hospitality, and residential developments, all in the same place. CWEST is a new destination inside Pyramids Heights Business Park that is owned by Sami Saad Group. It will offer all the leisure conveniences of a short-term and a longterm life in a small city within the city. Positioned at the beginning of Cairo-Alex Desert Road, it is easily accessible due to its prime location. Connecting the east and the west,
CWEST is 20 minutes away from Egypt’s biggest attractions; CWEST is 20 minutes away from Egypt’s
biggest attractions; the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Egyptian Grand Museum, and the biggest malls in Egypt
making it everyone’s first choice for a leisure and a business destination. It’s a big step for ALDAU Development to partner up with an international brand like Hyatt, are there any upcoming projects to be expected?
Yes. Hyatt House Cairo West, also located inside Pyramids Heights Business Park, is a long-stay-concept hotel that
features 91 keys and offers a home-like hospitality which encourages guests to live like residents, making the place their own house to be able to keep their usual life routines.

What would you like to say to your team? Stay focused, because we need to show Cairo something that it has never seen before. To cope with the upbeat life of Cairo and lead. Embracing our no-tie policy makes us different, and

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