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The name ALDAU is Arabic for Dhow; a traditional Arabian sailing vessel that has evolved over the centuries. In the ancient Egyptian civilization, the Pharaohs used these ships, made of cedar wood, to transport materials they needed to build the Great Pyramids. This is a fitting tribute to Egyptian history, as ALDAU’s first developments are in Hurghada; the place where the ancient Egyptians built the world’s first harbor to facilitate their trade - a fittingly symbolic place for the project’s inception”

“ALDAU Development” is a subsidiary of “Sami Saad Holding” which was founded back in 1962. Since its foundation, the company has had remarkable footprints on the path of evolution and growth until it became one of Egypt’s largest private holding companies, offering diverse services covering up some of the most critical sectors of the Egyptian economy like construction” Samcrete”, automotive” Mercedes Benz”, fast-moving consumer goods” Corona” chocolate and real estate.

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ALDAU Hospitality

ALDAU Hotels & Touristic Projects Management (ADHM) is a subsidiary of ALDAU Development Holding Company, and one of Egypt's leading hospitality management companies.

ALDAU Real Estate

ALDAU Development Real Estate projects have earned an unparalleled reputation for bringing hospitality excellence into real estate projects. The portfolio of ALDAU Development Real Estate including ALDAU Heights that was launched in 2015, followed by ALDAU Strand in 2016.

ALDAU Construction

ALDAU Development Construction is one of the major key departments of ALDAU Development. It devises a vast experience in construction business in Egypt. ALDAU Development Construction accomplished many major projects with top quality finishing & prestigious buildings, hotels and residential projects.


The first of its kind in the local art scene, ADD Art plays a crucial role in supporting society, leading & emerging artists through ongoing initiatives from art hotels, exhibitions, events, spaces and artist retreats, across Hurghada and Cairo.

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