ART Projects


ADD Art is a subsidiary of ALDAU Development, and it is the first art entity founded by and within a corporate body in Egypt. ADD Art embodies ALDAU Development’s belief that art adds value to the business, its clients, and the local art community as a whole. Meaning, ADD Art aims to support artists by offering a platform for creative expression and a channel to showcase art production throughout ALDAU Development’s properties, facilities, and network.

One of ADD Artʼs main targets is to build a strong corporate art collection, through the acquisition of contemporary Egyptian artwork. Additionally, ADD Art plays a crucial role in supporting society, leading and emerging artists through ongoing initiatives from art hotels, exhibitions, events, spaces, and artist retreats, across Hurghada and Cairo.

We explore the intersection of the worlds of art and hospitality and offer our clients a unique experience transformed through art, creativity, and innovation, which all refine our standards for best-in-class hospitality.